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Savaal Pushplay 13

Nushka - Come Around

Having begun her journey as a musician by performing at open mics almost a decade ago, Nushka is a talented artist who is currently based in Scotland.

Her latest release 'Come Around' is an anthem that is an iconoclastic move on the artist's part to move past the insincerity and untrustworthiness that one can often find within the music industry. It is simultaneously and more importantly, a celebration of one's chosen family and their unshakeable value.

She hopes that her audience finds meaning in her music and remembers to cherish and continue nurturing the beautiful and supportive relationships in their lives.

Brutal Baba - Likhi Khitaab

Lucknow-based rapper Brutal Baba began his music career in 2021 with his first track "Baat Sahi" in collaboration with Mr. Scott through the Label Cypher Devils.

Instances of difficulty and trauma such as growing up in a dysfunctional home and work environment inspired him to write his latest track "Likhi Khitab" which reflects his ardent belief in those who have been his source of strength in overcoming his pain. As the title suggests, the music video portrays a diary that serves as a symbol of narration and was shot using an iPhone. Presented by the Label - Cypher Devils which also features fellow Lucknow-based rapper Dynamic Music, the track is relatable to the middle-class life experience.

Nitika Rajkumar - Young Love

Influenced by dynamic music artists such as Taylor Swift and Adele, Nitika Rajkumar is a young independent musician in the making.

A singer-songwriter & vocal coach from Chennai, the artist is ecstatic over the release of her latest debut EP 'Young Love' which is a reflection of Nitika's own experiences with love and heartbreak. The beautiful collection of five assorted songs weaves through the web of emotions that come with the experience of love, honoring all its facets including frustration, ease, joy, sorrow, and excitement.

Taking you on a journey of the senses, Nitika eagerly looks forward to her audience embracing the love they experience in their own lives and taking on the journey alongside her.


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