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Savaal Pushplay 2

Akash & Trapperx (Feat. Rya Rey) - By My Side

Sushil Ghunawat Aka Trapperx is an artist that hails from Jaipur, India. He has been working as a ghost producer since 2018 and he started his own solo career where he produces and composes his own music in 2020. He is also a professional DJ and loves producing electronic-based music. This track was recorded across continents and was complied by Trapperx at his studio back home.

'By my Side' is a collaboration is between Trapperx and Akash who is a USA-based recording artist and they got Rya Yey onboard, who is a singer from Germany. Trapperx was working on this beat last winter and his management shared this beat with Akash's Team. Immediately pulled towards the music, Akash recorded the vocals in New jersey and for the final verse,the team reached out to Rya Rey who recorded her vocals in Germany. Using his expertise, Trapperx merged everything and prepared this beautiful song. Same for the video, Akash's part was recorded in the USA and Trapperx was recorded in Jaipur.

Kalakar Kavi - Lucifer

Ashu who goes by the name Kalakar Kavi is a rapper from New Delhi. He started his career with his friend Mosin in 2015 and has released many tracks on his youtube channel. His famed piece is his track called 'Khandala' which is a hit in his locality but the artist isn't regularly putting out music due to some personal reasons. He has released his Debut EP though called 'Shuruwat', and it was out last year on all major platforms.

His latest release 'Lucifer' was released on 7th July 2021 and it was to clear the false facts of people who assume that the life of an artist is easy. He speaks about how according to people, some artists aren't doing anything significant in the industry. He wants to edify the masses about the struggles and the hustle that each musician goes through to showcase their original art. It takes weeks to months of their lives to keep their music honest and real and is a daily battle to survive in the cutthroat competition. He wrote this song whilst working at his office desk but finished the writing that day itself as his first priority will always be music. The song was mixed and mastered by Liturgical Music Aka Affan.

Easy Grey - Dawn of Breaking

Sidanth Ks who is also known as Easy Grey from Bengaluru is a singer-songwriter who likes transposing his emotions to music. This young talent writes acoustic songs and shares what goes on within his heart for the world to understand in a melodious way. With his unique voice and simple writing style, he is sure to captivate your heart.

This song was inspired initially by my contemplation of the environmental distress that the earth is being forced to endure. With the despair that the current year has brought, Easy Grey realized that these lyrics are more pertinent than ever in more than just an environmental context. It is essentially a cry for a more empathetic and united existence and the momentary lapses in the ability to remain optimistic.

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