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Savaal Pushplay 3

Tathaagat Project - Safar

"Imagine yourself traveling on the deserted roads, Bluest Skies, surrounded with the Gigantic Mountains changing colors with every turn, with a cool breeze hitting your face. It would only brings Peace within and bring you a lot closer to Nature. So close, that you can almost Hear and Feel every element around you, and all you want to do is get lost on those roads.”

“Safar” is all about that Mesmerizing Experience. That's Tathaagat Project latest single. The band that started in 2019, is comprised of members Tanusri B Sengupta on vocals, Gagan Kumar on guitars and Samar Yadav on bass. The track was recorded at by Deep AK at TGT Studios. The mixing and mastering was done at Plug ‘n’ Play Studios by Anindo Bose.

Kashyapi Kalita - Nayi Hai

Assamese folk singer Kashyapi Kalita, now resides in Mumbai to follow her dreams. She started learning Hindustani classical vocals to improve her skills and understand music theory. After classical training, she went on to learn many instruments and exploring genres like Rock, Pop, Indie and Bollywood.

Her latest track "Nayi hai" talks about the emotions when one falls in love. When we asked her about the track, she said "Like each of you, I have also fallen in love. I understand how everything gets new, how each day feels brighter, how we try our best just to talk to that special one, how we get excited to know if that person also feels the same. I wrote this song in 2020, during the lockdown, yes, I was in love".

D Rub - Tum Hi Aana

Hailing from Dehradun, is a producer who goes by the name DRub. He has been extremely passionate about his music ever since his childhood. In the 11th grade he took music seriously and started practicing the piano as well as learning DAWs like FL studio.

He believes that there are no limits to creativity and wants to use music to express himself. "Its god's grace and my hardwork which have gotten me to where I am today" he told us. He likes working on a large variety of genres such as lofi, progressive house, remixes and bootleg among others.

Namasteimnoiz - Double Excel

Everybody has a dream, and the dream of Namasteimnoiz is to be featured in the reputed hip hop magazine XXL. The track name Double excel is a reference to the magazine. Being a part of the hip-hop scene for a while the artist has always looked up to being feature on the cover of the magazine, which is the most prestigious form of acknowledgement in the rap scene.

Namasteimnoiz is an independent artist from Jamshedpur and he has stirred the hip-hop scene in his city ever since his debut. Collaborating on the track on the production end is badboyzbeatz and the track has garnered more than 5k views on their SoundCloud page.

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