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Zeux - silaai (feat. Ryan Hmar)

We are thrilled to showcase the extraordinary talent of Aryaman Singh, better known by his stage name "Zeux," as he takes the indie music scene by storm with his latest release, "silaai." Hailing from Haryana and currently based in Mumbai, Zeux has been making waves since 2019 with his captivating music. As a versatile artist, Zeux not only creates his own indie masterpieces but also delves into composing and producing music for other artists.

"silaai" is a heartfelt love letter that resonates with individuals who long to confront the challenges that hold them back in life. With tear-jerking original lyrics, enchanting guitar melodies, and soul-stirring vocals, Zeux delivers a beautiful ballad that deserves a prominent place on your rainy-day playlist. The song features the beautiful and sensitive guitar work of Ryan Hmar, accompanied by Zeux's signature lush vocal harmonies. With its raw and intimate songwriting, fresh production, and relatable themes, "silaai" has quickly captured the attention of listeners, drawing them into its magnetic allure.

Zeux's artistic journey extends beyond genre limitations. As a producer, composer, writer, and multi-instrumentalist, he is making his mark in the indie music scene, collaborating with notable underground hip-hop artist "Krantinaari" on future releases and joining forces with Delhi-based singer-songwriter "Kanwar Aditya" for their track "Saazish." Zeux's unique soundscape fuses traditional Indian elements with fresh sensibilities, creating an unparalleled sonic experience that is simply captivating.

Mitul Parmar - "Jo Hai Bas Yahi"

Introducing Mitul Parmar, an emerging independent music composer and producer hailing from Nadiad, Gujarat. With a diverse range of musical talents and a passion for exploration, Mitul creates captivating compositions across various genres. Influenced by renowned musicians like A.R. Rahman and Yanni, Mitul embarked on his musical journey in 2009, mastering the guitar and continuously expanding his musical horizons.

Having officially released five songs on various platforms, Mitul's music has garnered attention and appreciation. His track "Tu Jaan" was featured on the prestigious "Red Indies Shuffle" show on Red FM, captivating audiences with its captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Another notable composition, "Laher," resonates with listeners through its romantic melodies and evocative storytelling.

Now, Mitul Parmar presents "Jo Hai Bas Yahi," a mesmerizing and introspective track that takes listeners on a heartfelt musical journey. This poignant song explores the depths of human emotions, inviting reflection on life's experiences, regrets, dreams, and acceptance. With impeccable musicality, Mitul's heartfelt vocals, melodic arrangements, and thoughtful lyrics create an immersive and impactful experience.

"Jo Hai Bas Yahi" showcases Mitul Parmar's talent and dedication as a musician, offering a fresh perspective on life's complexities. Through his unique blend of musical styles and heartfelt storytelling, Mitul inspires listeners to embrace their truths and find solace in the power of music. This track serves as a reminder to cherish each present moment and find meaning in the journey we undertake. Experience the essence of human existence with "Jo Hai Bas Yahi" and let Mitul Parmar's music touch your soul.

Yathartha Sharma - "Zindagi Ajeeb Hai"

Yathartha Sharma, known as Yathartha Music, presents "Zindagi Ajeeb Hai," a heartfelt track composed and written over 15 years ago in collaboration with dear friend Utkarsh Srivastava. This song captures the moment when one realizes they have lost their love forever, yet still clings to hope for their return. It conveys the emptiness and numbness felt in such a situation, evoking a powerful sense of longing.

Experience "Zindagi Ajeeb Hai" on Spotify and YouTube, and connect with Yathartha Music on Instagram. Yathartha Sharma, an accomplished musician and former brand manager, embarked on a professional music career after pursuing his passion for classical music. With a diverse range of influences and no specific genre, Yathartha's music defies categorization.

Recorded in March 2023, "Zindagi Ajeeb Hai" showcases Yathartha's dedication to his craft. The track's production was handled by Keshav Dhar, bringing Yathartha's vocals to life. With a diploma in audio engineering and music production, Yathartha's attention to detail shines through in his recordings.

Born in Delhi, Yathartha draws inspiration from bands like Motherjane, Suraj Mani and the Tattva Trippers, Parikrama, and the Anand Bhasker Collective. His musical journey has been marked by notable achievements, including being featured in Rolling Stone India for his original composition "Soona Manzar."

As Yathartha Music continues to make waves in the music industry, stay tuned for future collaborations and releases. Embrace the essence of "Zindagi Ajeeb Hai" and join Yathartha on his artistic journey as a true hustler of music.

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