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Savaal Pushplay 8

Sagar Gupta - O Saajana

Today we look at Mumbai-based artist Sagar Gupta who began his musical journey when he was ten years old. He released his first original from T-Series, named "Pehli Dafaa" which has crossed six million views on YouTube. He has been performing professionally (live shows) in Mumbai for the last 4 years and has performed at all the biggest clubs in Mumbai.

His latest track, 'O Saajana' is a song about lost love. It evokes the feeling of a person who regrets meeting his lover as they are now apart. He doesn't understand why but is immensely sad and wants her back desperately.

Rishi K - Vizha

Rishi K is a music aficionado who loves to experiment with different genres of music and is a certified music producer from Berklee College of Music, USA. He has performed at numerous corporate and informal shows in and around Coimbatore, along with his band, High On Octaves. Besides this, he has opened for various famous music artists such as Vaisagh, Anand Kashinath, and Thaikkudam Bridge. Rishi has also released eleven original tracks and more than twenty covers under his own banner Yaaro Kettavai / Radio Waltz Studios.

'Vizha' is his latest single that was released on the 9th of August this year. A Tamil acoustic pop track with a theme of melancholy, the song is from the perspective of a man in his early adulthood, who's trying to mend his relationship. What follows is a heartfelt overpouring of emotions, particularly addressed to the love of his life. The title "Vizha" (meaning 'celebration' in Tamil) suggests that if they don't reconcile, then his life would become a celebration of sorrow.

Asterea - YOU

Asterea, a Pune-based music duo since 2020, consists of artists Aanchal Jagwani and Navya Karnani. Their first ever original track titled 'YOU' was released on the 20th of August this year. It has Aanchal and Navya on the vocals, Prasenjit Paul on the drums, and Priyabrata Satpati on the guitar.

Every human being has two sides to themselves. The darker side, which, is rarely shown to the world, unfortunately, has the power to take over the good side and can cause a person to often slip into depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. This song is about accepting one's flaws, embracing that dark side without any judgment, and realizing that the only thing that has control over a person is themselves. The power lies within “YOU”.


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