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Savaal Playlist 1

Skape - Stand By You

Skape is a Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, and an Audio Engineer Based in Mumbai, India. He has released some great high-end songs mostly based on his life experiences and has quickly established a name for himself as a talented young musician. His versatility with genres and as a multi-instrument player makes his music stand out. His music also includes some artistic cover songs represented in his own style. He also has higher success as a music producer and has collaborated with some great talented musicians. This song represents a deep appreciation for the person we care about in day-to-day life where we sometimes fail to express our feelings. It’s like a representation of inner thoughts in a very emotional way.

Arindam - Kahaani

A Bengali guy based in Hyderabad Arindam is a singer-songwriter that has been a part of the local scene for almost 8 years. He writes in Hindi, English, and Bengali. Currently working as an independent artist, he is mostly influenced by rock, pop, and Indian folk. He can play multiple instruments like guitar, bass, and the mouth organ. He mostly writes about the society we live in and tries to be the ray of hope to the ones in need. He strongly believes that every single individual on this planet who is trying to thrive and find love has a unique, untarnished, and untold story. Here is to the celebration of all of our stories which makes us cognizant of our journey and appreciate the vastness of love and unity in the cosmos which we share together.

B-Leaf - Musafir

All the way from Herendon, Virginia (USA) we found Venugopal Shah better known as B-leaf, who was raised in Delhi. He started playing music in 2019 but didn't shy from releasing music within just a year of taking it into music. He released his second single Musafir on July 4, 2020, which was written by Siddharth Pandey and featured Tanushree Tamaskar and Debozit. "Musafir is a song everyone can relate to. Each one of us is a Musafir in this journey called life. A Musafir faces all kinds of troubles during this journey. A Musafir suffers from heartbreaks, has helpless realizations, and also at times questions God. But at the end of the day, a Musafir keeps on moving."


Lakshya Tyagi AKA LAKBURN is a young DJ and producer from Delhi NCR who is just 15 years old. He really got into music when his cousin played a track by Nicky Romero at a family gathering, after which he spent the next few months learning as much as he could about production to start releasing expressions of his own feelings through music. Today he is signed to 2 Labels and will continue to release new music as often as he can. The Track "Cornered" is a personal song to him as he talks about how he feels cornered when it comes to getting acknowledgment from his peers and parents. He hopes that it helps people understand him and help people connect with his attempt of getting over the feeling.

Elshot - TCFF

Elshot's EP "TCFF" is all about his journey of what he has been through and the things he faced since his childhood, He hopes to start a Label to help emerging artists get the recognition and opportunities they deserve. He being the Blacksheep in his family quitting his education took up a job so he could fund himself to start his career. He has interestingly used his OnePlus7T to record his EP during lockdown due to lack of availability of equipment proving there is nothing that will stop him achieve what he wants. His dreams of a musician began 10 years ago but he recently got his things in place enough to release his EP called "The Creative First Five"


Abhishek Aswal aka AswaAl is a Vaishali gzb based Rapper who started his journey as an artist back in 2013. He wrote ‘Mahamaari’ during the COVID 19 pandemic when everyone has been impacted the poor people the most to spread awareness about the troubles of the lesser fortunate and he hopes that people listen to his track and be inspired to help the migrant workers who cannot go back to their hometowns because of lack of funds, food and shelter. He speaks about how we should be grateful for having a home and all our comforts in our luxurious life. He is also dropping his debut album soon.

Taran Singh Sethi - ARSA

Taran Singh Sethi is a singer-songwriter from Dehradun. He has been around music since his childhood as his father is a Hindustani classical music enthusiast. He started learning tabla since he was 6 and more instruments kept adding up since then. Although he has been into music most of his life, he released his debut single in June 2020. He had his good friend Sarthak Uniyal play lead guitar for the song and they named the track "Arsa". 'Arsa', for the friendships that faded away.


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