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Self introspect with Shivi's Debut single "Cold Regrets"

Shivali Malhotra also known as Shivi was born and raised in Delhi NCR where she grew up listening to Classic Rock, Jazz, Pop and various different genres because of her father’s eclectic tastes and massive CD collection. She moved to NYU to study Mathematics and during her 5 years in NYC she started to explore Indie Music and learnt Hindustani Light Classical and Sufi music along with contemporary western music. Heavily influenced by soulful imagery and a touch of nostalgia, Shivi enjoys incorporating elements of synth-pop in my music, and alternate it with raw and acoustic pieces with soaring melodies.

Shivi tends to write her best lyrics when shes walking in the garden where she will keep replaying the melody in her head, and then reciting potential lyrics out loud. This her first release being no different, which was written in her Grandmother's garden underneath her mandarin tree. Her Debut single "Cold Regrets is a Nostalgic ballad that one can kick back and relax to with a glass of single malt. Her Jazz influences are obvious in her track with gentle arpeggios and her heartwarming voice, the song talks about year long journeys through friendship and love, that may also end in regret.

Shivi wrote the song as a future note of apology to her loved ones, for any hurt that was caused in the past and not addressed. Shivi wrote this melody during the Covid-19 Lockdown- on her Guru Brian Silas Sir's 12 year old C Bechstein Grand Piano and also imbibed the experiences of all her older family members, who would express sadness about past events. The track was produced at home in her home studio and was mainly recorded on her old casio keyboard and on her neighbours piano. Being highly detached from people at the time, she started to think about the people in her life that have drifted apart. The song really took shape and got into production after she met Barun Sinha who is a producer who helped her arrange the track and was also the one who mixed and mastered it, making it the song you hear today.

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