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Sherise D'souza | Artist Spotlight

The 'Sherise Dsouza Collective' is a high energy and versatile band that delivers super-charged as well as soul-stirring performances. The band derives its influences from varied genres such as Funk, R&B, Country, Pop, Retro, Soul, Jazz, Classic Rock.

Sherise is also is the lead vocalist for the mumbai-based all-girl band "Sugar and Spice" (@sugarspice_official) The band specializes in Funk, Pop, Rock, Retro, Jazz and Bollywood

Sherise also excels at Solo and Duo live performance acts, at venues all across Mumbai.

She has performed with internationally known Musical Stalwarts such as Karl Jenkins, Classical Conductor - David Bray, renowned opera Vocalist - Patricia Rosario and represented India in other countries such as India, Germany, France, Ireland, and London, as part of various choirs and collectives. Most recently, she has collaborated and performed with world renowned multi-instrumentalist, Shaun LaBelle.

Brief About my Album, 'Dimensions':

'Dimensions' for her speaks about the different aspects of her experience as a human being on this planet, so far. It also refers to the different genres of music she has incorporated into the album and different moods and feelings explored through the songs. The album 'Dimensions’ was originally a huge pipe-dream for her. A milestone in the making! I liked experimenting with different genres and 'Dimensions' gave me a unified direction to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together! 

Dream Maker, Heartbreaker The song 'Dream Maker, Heartbreaker' is about that part of you that creates dreams, while sleeping...and then you realize that it's all a dream when you wake up! It's also about being completely inspired by someone,  - A teacher, a lover, a friend, your parents. Someone who touched your soul and changed you for the wiser! The strangest part about planet Earth is that, at some time, one has to be prepared to let them go. But, the feeling of love, inspiration, the moments that you shared with them and all that you learned from them, still remains with you!

Change You - This song is about getting over a break-up and moving on - It expresses the strong desire of wanting to change the attitude of someone to make them a better person. 

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