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Shivang Arora | Artist Spotlight

19-year old Shivang Arora currently studies audio engineering at AR Rahman’s KM College of Music and Technology, Chennai. The now singer-songwriter and producer initially started his musical journey with the guitar at the age of 10. With his interest in music growing, he began recording covers to some of his favorite songs and also picked up the piano along the way. He says that listening and humming to Bollywood music as a child is what really sparked his passion for music. He began writing his own songs only after moving to Chennai from his hometown of Karnal, Haryana.

Shivang released a new three-track EP named 'Fantasy and Folklore' on January 8, 2021. The EP has a retro and subtle vibe to it. The music is simple, which makes the words stand out even more. The first track, 'Make Me Happy Once Again' talks about how over time, people in relationships change the way they behave toward each other, leading them to sadness, and drifting apart. The second, titled 'The Song I Never Wrote' is a peaceful track about leaving the past behind and cherishing memories. Shivang's personal favorite, "Say Something" is a slow-moving pop jazz number, which speaks about loneliness.

He wrote, composed, recorded and produced the EP in a week, all by himself in his bedroom studio. Among his main songwriting influences are Pratik Kuhad and Ankur Tewari. He also took inspiration from bands like Pink Floyd and Nirvana when he was initially studying and understanding music. When ask him about dream collaborations, he named Pratik Kuhad and The Paper Kites. Shivang tells us that he mostly works on music in the night because it's the time when he is in the zone. He continues to experiment with rock and synth pop to defy genres and create music outside his current jazz/pop style.

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