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‘Treadin’ Trodden Trails’ is a trip through Shivash Chagti's Spirit

"Let your cracks be open. How else will the light come through?"- Leonard Cohen. Inspiring right? We believe so too and so does Shivash Chagti from New Delhi. He takes inspiration from everywhere he can and like to write music that helps inspire and uplift others and go beyond their current limitations. He believe it’s important to empower others to become better versions of themselves and writes to be his authentic self.

Shivash was voted as 'Best Performer' of Delhi University in 2014, and has performed at various venues and platforms, such as Sounds of freedom, Antaragini’15, Mood-Indigo, Colors youth infinity, and Strawberry fields among others. He has had the opportunity to open for numerous Bollywood artists, including Farhan Akhtar, Pritam, Javed Ali. He has also performed for the Grammy Award winning legendary artist Mr. Lakshminarayan Shankar (L.Shankar).

His EP "Treadin' Trodden Trails" has a very relaxed feel to it that takes you to a calm place while his voice serenades and his guitar sings along to make love to your ears. When we asked him about his latest release from the EP he said "Changing Shapes is a song that talks about how life throws you into new situations that are uncertain and scary. But you as an individual will go and grow through it. We just need to take this leap of faith and understand that “things are gonna be alright” eventually." and we love his approach to making inspiring music. Also fun fact? the EP was recorded it in a 6X6 studio during the lockdown. He was hoping it turns out well since none of the musicians were available and everything was shut and we believe it did, what do you think?

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