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Shlok Gite | Artist Spotlight

Shlok Gite, better known as Shlokmuzic is a Rapper from Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh which happens to be the birth place of the legendary Kishore Kumar.

Shlok began his artistic journey by writing poetry in his school days. He even remembers that it was the 6th June back in 2015 when he discovered the rapper J cole and resonated with his music. Soon becoming heavily inspired by J cole's third studio album "Forest Hill Drive" by songs like "No Role Modelz' and "Love yours" he started writing his own bars and lyrics. His early style involved raps in Hindi with a touch of Urdu.

Shlok soon learnt about Hip hop culture and learnt how to record his own music.

With nothing to stop him, he dropped his Debut Hiphop Track "AFSOOS" on 14th Feb 2019 in which he speaks about how people around him didn't believe in his music but how that would never change his mind. He speaks of how perseverance is important when you have something to prove and how he isn't scared of facing people who disagree with him.

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