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Shruti Baid’s latest single ‘Dastak’ – a happy, soulful take on long-distance relationships

“Your direction is more important than your speed,” believes Shruti Baid, a solo artist based in Mumbai. Born in Surat, she is classically trained in Hindustani Classical music. Learning classical music since her school days, she got her Visharad degree in music when she was in the 12th grade. The 21-year-old artist defines her story as one that’s ‘evolving.’

With the guitar being her favorite instrument, she started learning how to play the same quite recently. With artist influences like Lata Mangeshkar, The Beatles, The Local Train, Yellow Diary, and Amit Trivedi, she does live singing in many cafés and restaurants. She had even formed a band called ‘Puzzles’ until she decided to go solo. The artist who can't do without her riyaaz, live shows, dessert, phone, and food, hopes to collaborate with artists like Amit Trivedi one day.

She released her debut single ‘Dastak’ on the 25th of November. The song, though revolving around the complexities faced by partners in a long-distance relationship, also explores the optimism in the present. Talking about the ultimate goal of wanting to have a better future together, the song perfectly encapsulates the feelings of desire, longing, love, and positivity in a long-distance relationship.

This happy, soul take on long-distance relationships was recorded by the artist on her birthday. “Best birthday ever!” She said. The indie track took about 2 weeks to produce, record, mix, and master and was recorded at a studio in Surat. The artwork for the single was done by her friend, Yash Bagree.

Shruti Baid aims to become a truly independent artist one day, creating meaningful songs and performing them.

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