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Srv-musicmaker and Mik's Reaction's Anthemic Football track: The Game of Life

On a day that marks the most important football match of the century, Srv-musicmaker has released a track to mark the final matches of the tournament. The 2022 World Cup Finals are on today with Argentina playing off France and this event has sparked a collaboration between Srv-musicmaker and Australian artist Mik’s Reaction. The artist's latest track "The Game of Life" is a song dedicated to all the players and lovers of the game Football.

If you read our magazine often you must have come across Saurav Majumdar's music before. This artist is a multigenre producer and singer with a few musical instruments under his belt. He expressed his love for the sport by writing a track about how football impacts the lives of people all over the world. The song was released on 15th December 2022, on the day of the FIFA World Cup 2022 Semi Final.

Srv-musicmaker highlights how the sport is so intertwined with the emotions of its global fanbase. The track is filled with the same passion that is displayed on the fields. The progressive house track fills the place with stadium-like liveliness. The Game of Life was written, produced, and sung by Srv-musicmaker. The track features Mik’s Reaction (Michael Drew King) who has contributed to the track with his powerful rap.

The track was recorded in the musician's respective home studios and was an extremely spontaneously planned track. The artist decided to write lyrics and do the vocals just days before getting the track ready. The rap was sent to Srv-musicmaker by Mik's Reaction after being prepared for a week in November. The artists tell us that they had an amazing time collaborating while sharing their mutual love for the sport with millions of fans around the globe.

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