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Sub-Emerge: Blending Progressive House with Indian Classical Influences

Siddhanth Grover, also known as sub-Emerge, is a talented music producer and DJ who recently released his latest track, "Melancholy of an Idle Mind." This captivating piece combines Progressive House with Indian Classical Vocals and percussion, showcasing his unique musical vision.

Released through 'Another Life Music' as part of their 'Spring/Summer Vibes 2023' compilation, "Melancholy of an Idle Mind" is a testament to sub-Emerge's creative prowess. The track takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey, with infectious beats and hypnotic melodies that expertly blend traditional Indian elements with modern electronic production techniques.

Sub-Emerge's musical journey began in 2009 as a guitarist, performing with rock bands and winning competitions in his city. However, his growing interest in electronic music led him to explore new sonic territories. With a background in guitar playing and a passion for experimenting with chords and sounds, he embarked on his electronic music projects, initially under the moniker Essayy.

As Essayy, Siddhanth released over 20 tracks, including three EPs, under international labels such as Bass X Records (MMXVAC), Gangsta House Records, ShiftAxis Records, and Electric Eden Records. His talent and unique sound garnered recognition from prestigious platforms like Rolling Stone India, as well as support from radio stations like Radio City, Red FM, Gravitas Recordings, and Redroom Sessions.

Now, as sub-Emerge, Siddhanth focuses on creating music specifically for house and techno music enthusiasts. "Melancholy of an Idle Mind" showcases his versatility as an artist and his ability to transcend genres.

The track was recorded during Siddhanth's solo trip to Old Manali, where the initial idea was conceived. Interestingly, the track didn't originally include vocals. However, after sharing it with his friend Puneet Sharma, a talented vocalist, they decided to collaborate, resulting in a remarkable addition to the track. Additionally, the track features the melodic and rhythmic elements of the Pakhavaj, played by Sam Cushman, a skilled musician from the U.S.

Looking ahead, sub-Emerge has exciting plans for future releases. His next track, "The Puppeteer's Will," is set to be released on 10th June 2023 via 'Electric Eden Records.' Furthermore, his first EP as sub-Emerge, titled "Transient Memories," will be released on July 14th through '90 Watts Music.'

At 31 years old, Siddhanth Grover, a native of New Delhi, India, continues to evolve as an artist, driven by his passion for music. With his dedication and willingness to explore new sonic landscapes, sub-Emerge is poised to make a significant impact on the electronic music scene.

As for collaborations, sub-Emerge expresses interest in working with Indian artists such as Anyasa and Dualist Inquiry, as well as foreign artists like Boris Brejcha and Eric Prydz. These potential collaborations hold the promise of pushing boundaries and creating groundbreaking music that transcends borders.

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