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Suhaas Kumar | Artist Spotlight

"It was when I saw 'Jimi: All Is by My Side', the movie about Jimi Hendrix, that I was inspired to pick up the guitar." This is where it all began for 18-year old Suhaas Kumar. He's now been playing the electric guitar for 6 years and has been experimenting with different sounds within the genres of rock and heavy metal to create what he likes to call "multicolored music". Suhaas tell us that his dad was the one to introduce him to the world of Led Zeppelin, N.W.A and Zac Brown. All of this music influence culminated in him working toward recording and producing his own music in 2020.

His first track, Concoction was released on December 28, 2020 and oozes of different flavors that Suhaas has built his musical palette upon. The track moves through multiple genres across its length, such as Progressive Metal, Post Rock and Rock Ballad. The drums on the track have been recorded by Siddharth Shah, based in Delhi. Through the duration of the instrumental piece, Suhaas maintains a strong tempo and surprises the listener with switches like a jack in the box. He says that the track is an expression of all the feelings and emotions which he been through in the past six years as a musician. He has tried to recreate the style of Lamb of God and Dragonforce, and added his own spin to it.

The artwork has been designed by Ishita Bhartia and features a simple yet aesthetic portrayal of multi-colored waves against the backdrop of the moon and stars. Suhaas initially begun his venture into music playing freelance gigs with different bands. He also engaged in various studio sessions and corporate gigs to get familiar with the industry. He's currently based in Jaipur but plans to move to Mumbai soon.

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