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Sulfur Sky drops his debut synth-wave album

You know those songs which take you into outer space? Like the vibe is so cosmic and other-worldly. If you've heard music by the Weekend and Daft Punk, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Today, I learned that its called Synth-wave music. Common fusions include synth-pop and synth-rock as well. Well, 33-year old Siddharth Chopra is a budding synth-wave producer, composer and guitarist from Mumbai aka Sulfur Sky. He has been heavily involved in the Indian advertisement industry, having handled production for more than 50 ad films.

Siddharth's debut album titled 'Sulfur Sky' was released on March 5, 2021. The album is a composite of all the tracks put out till now. Through the length of the 9-track piece, there's a sense of nostalgia and a retro vibe to it. The title track 'Ascend' features great progressive lo-fi beats that lead up to exhilarating synth waves. It is a tribute to a friend that Sulfur lost along the path of life. Siddharth tells us that that idea for the name Sulfur Skies was born "under the pink hues of Pune skies." He refers to the album as a mixture of the past and the future, creating the present.

Sulfur Sky tells us that music engulfs his entire lifestyle, whether it is writing, production or performing. It all started in 2009 when he picked up the guitar and says that it has been a journey full of transformative experiences that gradually built up to the visual and sonic identity of 'Sulfur Sky'. His favorite quote is by Aristotle - "No excellent soul is an exempt from a mixture of madness." In most of his artwork, you can see gradients of purple, maroon and pink, done by Dennis Tac, a CGI artist based in Pune. Siddharth would love to work with German singer-songwriter Nina if he got the opportunity.

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