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  • Virendra Narain

Surat's four-piece band Sifarish releases their latest EP called Manzilein

Sifarish the band from Surat is a four-piece band that met less than a year ago and started recording music. The band consists of Shehzan Mehta who is the lead singer and pianist, Anush Madrasi as the lead guitarist, Dhaivat Naik as the singer and guitarist, and Sagar Tank the bassist. The band met at Lucky Sharma's studio and have been collaborating ever since. They started recording music less than six months ago and they have released their first EP called Manzilein.

Their first EP is a 3 track EP and it features the track, Khafa, Sarfire, and Vaadein. The EP was released on the 9th of July 2021. When we asked the band about the EP, they told us "Manzilein, because it's written with a motive to reach somewhere at some point of time.

The song called Khafa is written by Shehzan and it aims to give a true picture about life, unlike the everyday false picture we see. Sarfire is written by Sagar and it aims to tell people that do what you truly want and get rid of the chains that have kept you from revealing your true colors. Vaadein on the other hand is a song written for the people."


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