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Suspendednotes blends Indian classic music with Lo-Fi beats on their EP '99 ₹'

Suspendednotes is a music duo consisting of Sumeru Shekhar and Syed Mohd Altamash. Currently, Sumeru works as a communications designer in Brooklyn, New York while Altamash is a fashion and graphics designer based in Mumbai. They tell us that their creative process is ever-changing, just like how 70% of the cells in the human body keep regenerating over a period of time. The duo met in 2007 at NIFT Bangalore and started learning a few instruments and in due course of time, music production. Their music focuses on potraying emotions and delivery a sensory experience like no other.

They released their new EP '99 Rupees' earlier this year as a collection of all the tracks that the duo initially planned for collaborations, but did not end up doing so. In the creation of this EP, the 4 songs found a new meaning. It's a 4-track EP with 'Track 01' as the bonus track, which also is the duo's first release on their new Soundcloud handle. The track has great influence from Indian classical music and incorporates poignant sounds and melodies which will surprise you in many ways. With the other tracks as well, like 'Subah', 'Shaam', 'Chanchal' and 'Natkhat', they continually push the boundaries of instrumental/ Lofi music we've heard before this.

Both Sumeru and Altamash are heavily involved in other creative fields as well, considering their day-jobs. They love working with visual art. From what they've told Savaal, the album art comes from a converstion with a friend about how no one eats a banana sideways. While it is a naive thought, it depicts the childish curiosity among us as humans. Thus, they chose to go with the theme. If nothing else, Suspendednotes is definitely one of the most sonically unique artists you will come across.

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