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Swar Systems the leaders in Indian Music Technology.

The journey began in 1985 when Mariano Etchepareborda visited India for the first time for a Sahaj meditation tour across Maharashtra. He immediately fell in love with its music, especially the classical style, and decided to take up tabla training back home. As a software developer, he then started working on an application that would be able to play complex rhythmic patterns at various tempos. That's how TaalWizard, the ancestor of all Swar products was born.

As the software developed and more instruments were added, he then established Swar Systems in 1999, and shortly after a more complete version of the software was released, renamed as SwarShala.

Over time, new softwares were added to the mix. First SwarPlug, the virtual Indian instrument that covers over 80 instruments from India. Then SwarGroove, an Indian rhythmic ensemble plugin featuring over 200 rhythmic styles from all over India. Then Swar Studio, a complete Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for all types of Indian music. Without forgetting the mobile apps world, with apps like iShala that provide the perfect accompaniment for riyaaz.

Set on a mission to make Swar's collection of virtual Indian instruments and loops the best option for the production of Indian music, they have already worked with many acclaimed names in the Indian industry like AR Rahman, The Shankar Ehsaan Loy trio, Gulraj Singh, Salim Sulaiman Merchant, and others. “We are quite hopeful that even though Swar Systems has now over 20 years of existence, its brightest years are ahead,” concludes Mariano.

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