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Take a trip down memory lane with your lover with Sir Gamma's Electro Pop track 'Rihla'

Sir Gamma is a producer from New Delhi who creates captivating music across a wide spectrum of electronic music. His enchanting melodies with up-beat rhythms are what make him stand apart from the rest. He has been exposed to an extensive selection of genres which include Hip-hop, Rap, Bollywood, and even Indian Shastriya music. He uses his knowledge of these various genres to create a neoteric sound in his music. His story is one of how a computer engineering student changed his path from being an engineer to pursue his passions. He began branching out of his original career path and got into dancing before exploring the world producing music in 2018.

In his latest release 'Rihla' he has collaborated with the extremely talented Jazzz Jyotsna who has featured on this track. The song was released on August 13, 2021, and has found an audience both within India and abroad. He came across Jazzz Jyotsna on YouTube and soon learned that their mothers are school friends. The song was penned down by Akhil Bisht who is his friend from college and the Hindi verse was written by Lakshmi Priya Ramesh, who he found on Quora. This track is the result of a collaborative mix of artists who have never worked together, and the result is a euphonic track that soothes the heart.

The track was recorded in a studio in South Delhi and there were two tracks that were recorded in the session. The interesting thing about this track is that the drop was made for another song but it didn't go well with the original project. Sir Gamma still felt that this piece needed to be heard so he composed the rest of the song based on the drop. The track took around five months to complete which included the production, writing lyrics, mixing, and mastering of the song. He is inspired by artists like Diplo, Martin Garrix, and a few Indian names such as Ritviz, Los Stories & Nucleya.

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