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Take a trip through Space with RaagHubs Debut Progressive track "Apollo 7+4"

Born in Chattarpur, Madhya Pradesh, Raghav AKA Raag Hub came to Mumbai for education and learnt Music while he stayed. He has always been the guy who used to enjoy covering 4 chord Bollywood song on acoustic guitars but that changed in 2019 when he got exposed to the Independent music scene and his Idol Plini. He started spending more time with his guitar, learning and exploring music while he could in his college days. It wasn't too long before he strapped himself with an electric guitar and an audio interface, and began to learn music theory. He started releasing music in 2020 and has always found positive responses to his work. With his friends and family being his constant pillars of support, Raghav with the push of a friend started officially releasing music.

Releasing his debut "Apollo 7+4" on 15th February 2021 was a big moment for Raghav as this was his first official release which can be streamed on all planforms. The track is an Instrumental Prog/Post Rock song with lots of soothing melodies and impressive lead guitar phrasing. Listening to this track gives a Spacy vibe, hence was named after the spaceship Apollo 11, and the breakdown 7+4 is a representative of the two-time signatures (7/8 & 4/4) used in this song. This song is inspired by his idol plinis style and one can observe many inspirations drawn from Plini's music in "Apollo 7+4".

The track was recorded in his home studio which currently is just his laptop and interface.

He composed it in Ableton and spent the first 25 days to make the rough track which he used for references and to envision the track. The track was later produced on Reaper and took 10 days to mix and master the track. Raghav was the one to compose, arrange, mix, master and release his track and what he achieved from his debut is no short from awestriking.

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