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Tamara Kazziha: Calling the Moon - A Journey of Magic, Healing, and Musical Fusion

Tamara Kazziha, a solo singer-songwriter, violinist, and producer, is set to release her highly anticipated debut EP, 'Calling the Moon,' on the 24th of June. This enchanting collection of songs takes listeners on a whimsical journey, filled with odes to lost parts of the self, longing for reconnection, and the alchemy of transforming the heart.

Collaborating with the talented Vishal Singh, Tamara co-produced the mesmerizing tracks "Lilith in Aries," "Kiss the World," and had Vishal on bass for the hauntingly beautiful "Neptune's Daughter." Parth Zeth also lent his expertise as a co-producer on all the songs, adding depth and richness to the EP.

"Calling the Moon" is an exploration of the human experience, touching on moments of deep peace and unconditional love, as well as the melancholy and confusion that come from feeling disconnected and alone. Each song reflects Tamara's personal journey, with themes of transformation and rebirth woven throughout. These songs have experienced their own mini-deaths and resurrections, mirroring the artist's own transformative path.

Tamara's musical roots trace back to her childhood, growing up between Egypt and Scotland. Blending Celtic folk with Arabic flavors, her violin improvisations carry a mystical essence, drawing from the rich tapestry of both cultures. Music became her solace in a challenging upbringing, allowing her to express what words couldn't capture. Her emotional connection to the violin became a beacon of comfort and a gateway to new friendships.

Her musical career took flight during her university years when she began busking on the streets, armed with a microphone, loop pedal, and amp. The experience gave her confidence and allowed her to earn a living doing what she loved. From there, she ventured into paid gigs and explored various genres, incorporating elements of Celtic folk, Arab folk, and alt-pop/singer-songwriter styles in her music.

The creation of 'Calling the Moon' was a labor of love that spanned four years, partially interrupted by Tamara's travels through India. The EP became a vessel for exploring unconscious aspects of her psyche, transmuting traumatic experiences into wisdom, playfulness, and strength. It provided a space for healing, self-understanding, and the restoration of energy.

One standout track delves into Tamara's experience of surviving an abusive relationship, offering a cathartic release and an opportunity to convey her journey through sound. The echo on the vocals symbolizes the feeling of detachment and disassociation that often accompanies such experiences.

Tamara's music speaks of magic, storytelling, loss, and healing. It invites listeners to embark on a transformative journey alongside her. Her evocative lyrics, ethereal violin melodies, and enchanting voice create a captivating atmosphere that resonates with audiences.

As a live performer, Tamara has had unforgettable experiences, from intimate shows in Scotland where she connected deeply with a small audience to the grandeur of performing on the main stage at Magnetic Fields. Playing at festivals such as Control, Alt, Delete and Womad allowed her to collaborate with incredible musicians, including Vishal Singh, who contributed to her EP.

Tamara is open to collaborations with both Indian and foreign artists, embracing the opportunity to create diverse and unique musical fusions. Her passion for music and her dedication to exploring the depths of human emotion make her an artist to watch.

With her debut EP 'Calling the Moon,' Tamara Kazziha invites us into a world of wonder, where the complexities of life are beautifully expressed through music. It is an invitation to listen, to feel, and to join her on a journey of transformation and healing.

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