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Tanmaya Bhatnagar speaks about love and loss in her new single 'Raat Adhoori'

It's not everyday that an established name in the industry like A R Rahman notices a budding Indian musician. Well, that's currently something that Tanmaya Bhatnagar has on her lapel. The 28-year old Nashik-born artist is now settled in Delhi and comes from a family of musicians. She tells us that music was always around her, with both her parents part of the industry. Still, she began writing her own music just a few years ago. Her forte lies in easy-going indie music. Her influences include musicians like Lucy Rose and Billie Elliot.

Her latest single 'Raat Adhoori' came out on 12 March, 2021 and is a multi-faceted song which speaks about Tanmaya's feelings after she lost her mother to a mental illness. She imagines how lonely it feels in such an illness which is barely accepted by society as legitimate. Thus, she says this lyric is born from acceptance. Tanmaya's voice has a mellow effect to it, which pairs perfectly with the gentle, dreamy chords on the ukulele, one of her signature instruments. The music video as well, is a depiction of the complexities of a relationship between two individuals who dive into an unexpected reality together.

Through the song, Tanmaya expresses how she relates to her mother's vulnerability and says that there's not a day where she does not miss her presence in her life. Many a times, we don't really appreciate something until it's gone so may this be a reminder for you to cherish everyone in your life today. The album art, is a still from the music video and Tanmaya did the typography by hand. She would like to work with Lucky Ali and Gregory Alan, if the opportunity ever presented itself. In case you're wondering which song it was that blew her up - its called 'Kya Tum Naraaz Ho?' Apart from playing her part in the music scene, she also works with digital designs and has started an initiative named "I Hear You" which is platform aimed at creating a support system for family and friends of schizophrenic patients.

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