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The Coconut Milk Project say that life is an uphill battle in 'Panic in Life's Waiting Room'

The Coconut Milk Project is an acoustic folk pop duo based in Chennai. They tell us that "there's the excitement of putting melody and lyric together and realizing that it sounds good, and rejoicing that they created this from scratch." Goutham Kumar is the group's guitarist and singer, along with Pavithra Krishnaswamy who also lends her voice into the mix. They both work full-time jobs during the day, one as a teacher and the other in an A.I. startup firm. The Coconut Milk Project was formed organically when Goutham and Pavithra used to sing covers at Teach for India's Chennai chapter.

Their second single 'Panic in Life’s Waiting Room' will be released on April 14, 2021. The song has a very simple melody to it which would appeal to most. The duo tells us that despite the upbeat and cheerful vibe of the song, the lyrics actually encapsulate the bitter truth of life - No matter who comes into your life, and no matter how much they care, we all must face our demons by ourselves. It talks about how all moments, there's a sense of "impending doom" that looms above us humans. Nonetheless, we all struggle and strive to make the most of what we have, and that's how we find joy and happiness.

Both the members of this duo have a rich musical upbringing, being introduced to instruments at quite a tender age, earlier than 10. They say that music is a means of starting conversations that keep being pushed under the carpet and shouldn't anymore. They are inspired by many old school artists like the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel and also modern pop artists like Prateek Kuhad. The Coconut Milk Project would love to collaborate with artists like Raghav Meattle and Mumford & Sons.

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