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The Fortune | Artist Spotlight

"Not Here For You" is The Fortunes subtle nod to woman empowerment sung by Guatemalan singer Lucia Valdes while Music and Rap was done by The Fortune. The Fortune is a Dou with Dr Dhananj Shivganesh on the Music Composition and Nikhil Pradip the Rapper and Sound Engineer. This Duo based in Raipur have been together since school days making music in their home with a minimalistic setup and uploading their music to youtube. then then went separate ways when Dhananj left to pursuing MBBS and Nikhil went for engineering. They regrouped again in 2020 june and started collaborating with artists around the globe to make music that transcends genres and is enjoyable to everyone.

On December 4th The Fortune released "Not here for you" with Lucia Valdes, who sings about how she is not dependent on men and is looking to just enjoy with herself as a strong independent woman. The lyrics were written by South African songwriter Greg Van Kerkhof. The Video is a Female led dance Routine performed by Rebeca , Vanessa Garcia, Jose Manuel and Hugo Mejia where they portray how women are so perfect in the lead spotlight. The song and music video was all made without meeting any one in person, instead the whole production of the Track was done online with everyone sending in their parts t0 make this international collaboration happen.

Their music sets the bar higher in terms of genre definitions, combining lush soundscapes with catchy hooks. They have tried to incorporate subtle indian music elements like sitar, mridangam into a primarily R&B song, which only tells us how they are ready to go showcase our instruments in songs made by musicians all over the world.

The production duo is focused on putting creativity and passion first. Their most recent studio work is an amazing example of their art and musical craft. Lucia Valdes managed to bring so much passion and talent to this amazing mix.

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