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The Multiverse Concept | Artist Spotlight

The Multiverse Concept (MVC) is a solo studio project, launched by Pune/New York-based multi-instrumentalist Aksheya Chandar. He is the sole song writer and composer. MVC’s discography focuses on artistic collaboration, with each release featuring up-and-coming independent artists from around the world. MVC’s musical philosophy is borrowed from its namesake, the theory of multiple universes. His idea is to make music that is hard to classify into specific genres or styles, but instead focus on creating soundscapes, emotions, and aural experiences.

In 2011, Aksheya lost his friend in a tragic car accident. He set out to commemorate his friend in the only way he could think of, by writing a song in dedication. Aksheya composed Red Skies, which was the first song he released as an individual artist. Red Skies caught the attention of Gagan Gill, who was the vocalist of Mumbai-based metal act Petrichor, at the time. That marked his first collaboration and the inception of The Multiverse Concept. Aksheya found an outlet in The Multiverse Concept where he could write music his way, in his time. He eventually quit his bands and focused on his own project solely and began developing collaborations and relationships over the past 10 years of making music under this moniker.

Multiverse Concept was conceptualized as a musical project that showcased unknown and upcoming talents. His latest album "Postcards from Nowhere" is a pure example of collaboration genius. Throughout the years, Aksheya has released four studio albums and several singles, each with a focus on collaborating with peers and pioneers in the Indian (and increasingly global) independent music scene. The project has collaborated with members from Pune-based progressive metal band Noiseware, Pune/Ahmedabad-based post-rock band Aswekeepsearching, a former vocalist from Mumbai-based hardcore band Scribe, and other independent artists.

This album was the first time Aksheya ventured into music videos. He made an animated music video for Dancing Bones (inspired by the style that Steven Wilson’s music videos are famous for) and a live-action video for Fill your soul with Air, which was all shot on an iphone and his personal directorial debut! Aksheya also prefers Bandcamp over other music streaming sites because as he says "More power to the artists, less power to some large tech-firm that’s commoditizing art."

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