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  • Virendra Narain

The NoiseGate Project | Artist Spotlight

Formed in 2015 is The NoiseGate Project, is a group of like minded musicians working in corporate looking to keep their dream alive. They like to say that they arent a band butare on a Journey together. Their aim has always been to bring in originality with simple, real music that flows straight from the heart. It has been a learning curve consisting of hours of studying music and understanding the real essence of music that doesn't just follow trends to please the masses. They have worked with various artists and explored a wide range of musical genres. Today, they have evolved into an established band - The NoiseGate Project and a Production house based in Pune where they record and produce originals or covers.

Memories is a song about hope, joy, pain, longing, but most of all, about love. The track is ubiquitous and relatable in that every one of us has held this feeling for someone or something in our lives. It was written as a tribute to a beloved dog and family member battling cancer, but its lyrical significance holds true for any soul with whom one may have shared a profound and unforgettable connection.

The track gives off a mix of alternative and 80's power ballad energy, allowing the listener to get immersed in bittersweet nostalgia tinged with feel-good vibes. Soul played an important part in the songwriting and composition. The process came naturally and easily to us as we combined our musicality with our emotions for loved ones. It is now up to the listener to interpret the track and re-live their "Memories".

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