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The nostalgia and memories brought forth by the rains:Abdul Shaikh's latest release 'Barsaaton Mein'

Abdul Shaikh is a 25-year-old artist from Mumbai who began his journey as a musician back in 2017. When he was in the 12th grade, he participated in an intercollege singing competition, and despite the stage fear that convinced him that he wouldn't make it, he emerged as the winner and there was no looking back since. He loves to begin his day with riyaz or vocal practice.

His latest track 'Barsaaton Mein' was released on the 14th of October this year and it reflects the nostalgia that is evoked during the rainy season and brings a ton of memories for each of us. It is about being lost in love and all of its beauty, emotion, and experience. Written, sung and composed by the talented Abdul himself, he had the support of Aakash Rijia for music production. It took the artist about a month to record the track and the artwork was made by Rini Pant.

"Work hard in silence and let success make the noise" is this artist's favorite quote and his passion and love for music amply reflect it. He believes in never giving up on one's dreams and is eager to collaborate with AR Rahman and Bruno Mars in the future. We eagerly look forward to his future projects and wish him the very best of luck.

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