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The perfect happy travel song: SAMA and ADil's latest release 'Safar'

SAMA, clever use of the names of artists Sagar Sharma and Manish Singh, is one of the most well-known bands in North India with ADil an independent artist based in Chandigarh. All three artists hail from Patiala- 27-year-old Manish and 24-year-old Sagar met each other in college during a college fest and 25-year-old ADil met Manish back in 2012 and used to jam together. Later, the three got along in 2017, made a few cover songs, and have stuck together since.

“Safar”, the trio's latest track is a Hindi energetic happy indie pop song. It was released on the 28th of July this year and its music video was launched on the 19th of August. The acoustic guitar gives a beautiful soulful vibe while the bass line and the drums are full of groove, power, and spirit. The song begins with a beat that sets up the vibe turning everything into an immersive experience, elevating the vocals and instruments. The artists have tried to recreate the styles of Jeremy Zucker and Valley.

The song which is available on both Spotify and YouTube was recorded at Tweaktone Productions (Mohali) by Abhinav Sharma and took two full days to record. The art was made by Sawrav Cintury. "Be different, be creative" is a quote that is suitably exemplified by this trio and their perfect travel song. Arjith Singh and Valley are two artists that they eagerly look forward to collaborating with at some point in their journey.

Inspired by upbeat pop culture SAMA's own work culture and performances, and a recent trek that ADil went on, the trio have truly delivered with their new track and we wish them the very best of luck.

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