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Ravishankar collective made music that dances in their debut album ATMA BOMB.

Ravishankar a name synonymous to almost everyone in the world as "The Indian Sitar virtuoso" has been an emblem of pride to our culture and to the artform of Indian Classical music. Todays artists “Ravishankar Collective" is a band that came together for the sole purpose of creating experimentative multi genre fusion music. The band of musicians came together when Ravishankar had determined to record the collective’s debut album "Atma Bomb". He met Ravinder, Gurbhej and Dhruv at Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Delhi where they bonded over music, and called upon his old friends Amit, Anurag, Somnath, Bhargav to get on board as well.

Their debut album 'ATMA BOMB' released on 21st June 2020, (world music day) and multi-genre journey ranging from topics as diverse as the universe and existentialism to the innocence and simplicity of childhood. It is an attempt to sonically capture life's myriad experiences.The album is a journey through the minds of all the souls involved in making it happen. This is personal, honest and joyful music which the artists enjoy performing. As musicians, they have diverse influences and backgrounds. The album has an 8 track setlist where they have expressed themselves and their love for our folk and the classical music era with their touch to it.

Ravishankar hails from a background full of inspirational musicians.

The album includes a song named ‘Payaliya' featuring the Kathak Maestros Guru Pt. Rajendra Kumar Gangani, Ulka - The Sonia Gupta Rao Dance Company and Ashish Gangani on the fifth track from the debut album of Ravishankar Collective. When we asked them about the track they said "It is a dedication to the sublime energy of Kathak and the powerful sounds of the Pakhawaj, we call it ‘Music that Dances’." The whole album took around 7 years to write and produce as the band likes to let the music flow naturally while they are at their Noida Jampad. It was written, recorded and mixed between 2014 – 2020 at Ravishankar’s Dhwani Studios, Final mix and master sessions happened at Plug’n’ Play studios with Anindo Bose (Advaita, Shadow & Light) during April and may 2020.

The band's Line up :

Ravishankar - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

Somnath Halder - Electric Guitars

Anurag Verma - Bass

Dhruv Bedi - Sitar

Ravinder Rajput - Flutes, Dholak

Gurbhej Singh - Tabla

Amit Raj Kashyap - Drums

Guest Artists : Bhargav Ojapali - Electronica sessions

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