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The TramLines Project | Artist Spotlight

TramLines Project is the Alter-Ego that sets within Rahul Seth's mind. The band came into motion when Rahul met Aritra das at a music store during his search for a drummer, the two bonded over music and soon learnt that they are musicians who need to work together. Rahul believes that sometimes words can't express the life, situations and peer pressure, therefore they released an instrumental track. The instrumental songs express a lot of ups and downs of a middle class boy's dreams and desire.

When we asked Rahul about his story and why he came up with the project, he said "It's been a journey, from Kolkata to Mumbai to Bangalore. From getting a job to Quitting a job and following one's dream and passion has been a journey through major walks of life. Aim to connect our own parallel life through music and encourage the " Doers" to chase their dreams, because it's one life. We wish to play our songs across the world."

Deep Trip is an Post Rock instrumental Track released on 10th of October,2020, which takes you on a journey of self awareness and help you introspect. The instrumental is layered on synths that give you a very spacey theme to the track which is layered with a progressive drumming style and melodic guitars. The thought behind this track being "The Journey is the destination''. The track also features Aniket Thygarajan on the Bass and Prajwal Shekhar as a guitarist. The band has been playing their originals live since 2 years now, and they recorded this track as their first single in the last 3 months.The production has been done at a few places as everyone was setback due to the social distancing of the Pandemic. The guitars have been recorded at Tramlines studios, drums at Bread and Jaam studios and the Mixing and Mastering was done at Gray Spark Pune.

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