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The tumultuous journey of a breakup- Kishor Patil's latest release 'Tu Mera Dil'

An actuarial manager who is deeply passionate about music, Kishor Patil is an artist who hails from the Osmanabad district and is now based in Pune. Starting as a singer who didn't think he had a flair for writing music, the artist quickly took to composing and wiring in 2020 when a tune looped around in his mind so much that lyrics started to accompany it and he had to put it down on paper and work on it. Coming from a middle-class family, the musician says that he's fulfilled his responsibilities towards his family and ongoing profession and now is finally free to pursue his bigger dreams in the world of music.

His latest track 'Tu Mera Dil' was released on the 13th of October this year and is a breakup track that traces the emotions and experiences that one goes through when they have to separate and move on from someone they deeply love. The track is entirely composed by the artist and who is also the writer and singer. It took him about three months to complete the recording process in Pune and the track is available on both Spotify and YouTube.

Considering himself a late bloomer in the industry, Kishor is well on his way to carving a name for himself and proving that it is never too late to start doing the thing you love and hold so closely. Eager to collaborate with talented musicians and artists from around the globe, we no doubt believe that Kishor has what it takes to see his dreams to fruition and we wish him the very best of luck.

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