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Triveni & Moli bring us a new psy-rock track 'L8 Realisation'

"Nature is alive and talking to us, this is not a metaphor." - Terrence McKenna. Hailing from the blooming city of Gurgaon, 22-year-old Triveni is a singer and bassist who had her first tryst with music when she started playing with Indie bands at the age of 14. After she playing professionally for the past 4 years, she chose to go it on her own in 2020. She tells us that she learnt to play the guitar back when she was 11. Growing up, she recalls listening to music by artists like Frank Sinatra, Amy Winehouse and Pink Floyd.

For this new track 'L8 Realisation,' she has teamed up with Moli, a producer, engineer and songwriter from Gurgaon. He's experimenting with his sonic space right now and has a lot of influence from psychedelic rock and retro music. He tells us that at the core of his work, is the analogue way of life and the warmth it brings to a purist. The music video debuted on YouTube on May 24. The intro features an old tape from the 1970s that sets the vibe the for this easy-going yet meaningful psy-rock/nu-jazz number. The overall tempo has a melancholic feel to it. From what we understand, the song is about someone who has left and realising that you took them for granted and didn't appreciate them enough. Well, that's just how we are as humans I guess. "I died a few times before I could say goodbye," sings Triveni. While parting with someone you love is one of the toughest things to do, in many cases, it's inevitable.

The trippy and thought-provoking artwork was made by an artist who goes by the Instagram handle - @thishereticflesh who honestly has some of the most insane creations I've ever seen. I don't think it's a coincidence that the cover for 'L8 Realisation' is in Triveni's favorite color, Purple. The song was recorded over the course of 4 months and she tells us that it was one of the most challenging sessions since the song is so deep rooted and personal to both the artists. They would like to work with Tame Impala, if ever presented with an opportunity to do so.

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