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Tu Bataa by Qulid is a song of perseverance for couples in tough times

Kartik Sharma is a multi-talented artist that goes by the name Qulid. Currently living in Bombay, he has a knack for producing music. Along with creating music, he is also an audio engineer and a budding singer.

He started learning guitar as a child and with time he started exploring different genres. It wasn't until he came across electronic music did he find his calling. Since he discovered his sound, it's been three years, and over the years hes started to take music more seriously.

Throughout his journey, he has grown into forming his own sonic identity. A show of his advancing skills has to be his latest track 'Tu Bataa' which he released on 6th May 2022. When we asked him about his latest track, he told us “Tu Bataa is about a couple going through rainy days in their relationship. they're trying to show their vulnerabilities, to express themselves better and perhaps understand each other more intimately.”

Tu Bataa is a Hindi pop track that is written for couples having a difficult time in their relationship. It's about how two people learn to open up about themselves and be their true selves around each other.

The track took Kartik 5 days to write, produce, lay the vocals, mix, and master. Although it took much lesser time than most artists today, it definitely stands out. The touching lyrics with the soothing instrumentals make this song easy to get into and easier to love.

While talking to Qulid, we asked him who would he like to work with, in the music industry, to which he told us that it would be none other than A.R Rahman.

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