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Tugging at your heart strings: Joash Mathew's latest EP "Pills"

“Musicians want to be the loud voice to so many quiet hearts”, is this artist’s favorite quote. Born and brought up in Pune and now based in Brussels, Belgium, Joash Mathew is a former lead singer and lyricist of “The Prodigals Antiphons”.

This 27-year-old artist has been active in the Pune music circuit and the gospel music scene. He started his journey from a gospel music background frequenting between instruments and choirs. This built a foundation for him to better understand the world of music and explore what it has to offer. Being a rock and roll fan, Joash has always been curious about the depth and meaning behind song lyrics which eventually got him into writing his own song lyrics.

An artist who loves observing and learning from the world around him, he approaches music and life with an attitude of gratitude. Keeping up with his spontaneous compositions, he's always ready in case inspiration strikes and he needs to record it or write it down. Some of his influences include Queen, Guns and Roses and Bob Dylan.

"Pills", his latest EP, was released on the 16th of July this year. This Indie Pop genre-based EP consists of five songs in the languages of Hindi, Malayalam and English. The title of the Extended play suggests that each song is a pill that the listener can take to experience a spectrum of emotions and conversations one would want to have. The EP took six months to complete and is composed, written and produced by Joash himself, featuring guest artists as well. It has also been featured under 'latest releases from independent acts' in Rolling Stone India.

"Disseminating music today allows us to reach all corners of the world; you never know who really needs to hear a song at a particular moment. It could be your song and a lot can happen between the rhythm in your ear drums and your heart", says Mathew. This is precisely what the EP seeks to do: tug at your heartstrings and take you on a warm journey infused with love, gratitude and longing which we're sure he'll make happen.

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