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Understand grief and acceptance in Aritra's latest single from his debut EP Distorted Thoughts

Aritra Das comes from a musical family where his mother is a classical singer and his father, a guitarist. Naturally, the talents of his parents influenced him into the world of music. Not too long from then, he took a deep plunge into the arts and started rapping, singing, and producing his own music.

Aritra was born in Mumbai and now is based in Kolkata. He takes inspiration from various genres of music such as Pop, RnB, and Alternative rock mixed with Jazz blues elements and electronic sounds to attain a unique taste in his music.

Aritra released his debut EP called Distorted Thoughts on 16th April 2022. In the EP, he released a music video for his most unique track called Karma. The track is a dark RnB number mixed with smooth luscious vocals and orchestral sounds. The track Karma is a song about grief and acceptance.

"The song is a real-life narration of events as experienced by the artist himself. It's a self-description of a girl trying to escape her Karma for all her wrongdoings she did but unfortunately failed at it. As written from a negative perspective, it speaks about the struggles and practices the character goes through and meets her unfortunate end, serving justice" said Aritra.

This song features D Psycho and Jerry on the vocals and beats respectively. D Psycho was the right fit for the track as his energy goes in line with the flow of the song. The verse written by him took just two days and the track was ready to be released.

Some of the accolades that he has achieved were being acclaimed by guitar legend Angel Vivaldi and Bollywood sensation, Salim Merchant. His song Honey Trap was featured on one of Argentina's biggest radio stations.

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