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Unveiling Aakaar's Latest Masterpiece: Lafz - A Melodious Ode to the Struggles of a Wordsmith

Aakaar is a new-generational hip-hop and rap artist who brings in a new age of melodious, catchy choruses filled with thought-provoking ideas, his bilingual rap getting audiences hooked with every show. Influenced by excellent Pakistani talent amongst the likes of Hasan Raheem, Maanu, Shamoon Ismail, and more, Aakaar finds his style to be a culmination of various musical cultures across the Asian as well as Western fronts.

Born and brought up in New Delhi and later shifting to Gurugram, Aakaar's music connects to the ideas of life being unforgiving in its clearest nature, as well as a regular connection to his own personal events and battles that he can relate to and help the audience connect to as well. Aakaar takes major inspiration from his city and the way it has molded him into becoming the artist that he is today.

Aakaar's latest song, "Lafz," was produced and engineered by 92Bignexx-production and Thebignoseguy created the artwork. "Lafz" describes the relationship between a rapper and his words. The song starts off with a struggling writer who is having a hard time coming up with words for his song. The song talks about how an artist sits to write but can't get his emotions right. He questions the world that says he has talent but he himself can't see why they think so. He feels that maybe his words and talent have escaped him or maybe they are just hiding in a deep dark place inside him.

Moving on, the song stresses on how the artist spends his days lazing around and can't seem to get out of its hold. He feels like everything around him is questioning his talent and how he wants to write but his own pen isn't on his side. The song then takes a dive into how an artist gets his abilities from his parents and his confidence from his fans who, at the start, are just his friends. Finally, the song ends with the artist shutting out all these voices and coming up with a masterpiece that is here to disrupt the industry.

Aakaar started making music in 2020 during the pandemic. It took him three weeks from writing to the final master of "Lafz." Aakaar says he was literally thinking about what to write for his next track and then he just decided to write about writing. Even then, he was not sure if this could actually be a track, but coincidentally, his producer sent him a beat that fit perfectly with the lyrics and this track was born. Aakaar is 23 years old and was born in Delhi. He spent most of his life in Gurgaon and is currently based in Mumbai.

For "Lafz," Aakaar was inspired by Divine and Seedhe Maut. While he hasn't tried to recreate anyone, a lot of people felt this track sounded like Raftaar's song, "LOL."

Aakaar's music embodies the values of gratitude, positivity, empathy, and hustle. He sees himself as multi-dimensional, with his guitar being one of his go-to instruments. When it comes to his favorite things, Aakaar can't do without his cigarettes, his pen, his notebook, his music, and his bed. He starts his day around 9 AM and usually begins working on music by 12 PM. His favorite color is yellow, and he'd love to collaborate with Seedhe Maut.

With consecutive releases planned across all platforms big and small, Aakaar envisions changing the rap and hip-hop scene in the country with his melodious tracks and smooth flow.

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