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  • Virendra Narain

Unveiling Peekay's "Starlight" - A Musical Odyssey!

In a world brimming with catchy beats and pre-packaged tunes, emerges Peekay, a dynamic musician and entrepreneur hailing from the vibrant city of Hyderabad. Her latest creation, "Starlight," is a testament to her fearless approach to music and her unwavering commitment to authenticity. Buckle up, because this is no ordinary journey through sound!

Written and composed by the ingenious Peekay herself (also known as Pranati Khanna), "Starlight" takes you on a sonic adventure that defies conventions. Teaming up with producer Jonathan Edward and the wizardry of Keshav Dhar in the mixing and mastering realm, the album promises a unique auditory experience that's as captivating as it is unexpected.

Diving into "Starlight," the third track, "No Ordinary," stands out with its compelling music video directed by Apoo Mahi. The video artfully blends Eastern and Western dance forms, reflecting Peekay's own upbringing where the fusion of Rock and Pop with traditional influences shaped her musical journey. With nods to Bharatnatyam, Kathak, and even a dash of Hip Hop, the video encapsulates the essence of the song's powerful message: embracing individuality and rejecting conformity.

Peekay's lyrics hit home as she shares her personal dialogue of triumph over adversity. Through her music, she echoes the sentiments of a generation that refuses to be boxed in by societal norms. The chorus, "I'm no ordinary. I can barely stay in Line," becomes a mantra of empowerment, inviting everyone to embrace their uniqueness fearlessly.

Peekay's musical evolution from being the lead singer of a rock band to her solo venture has been a testament to her unyielding spirit. Her distinct sound, characterized by husky Jazz influences and poignant songwriting, has gained her recognition on both local and international platforms. Her performances, brimming with energy and positivity, resonate with audiences across the nation.

Beyond the realm of music, Peekay is a force to be reckoned with. Her role as an entrepreneur, co-owning a design and marketing firm, showcases her multi-faceted talent. From transforming a speakeasy into Hyderabad's first Jazz bar to exhibiting her digital art, Peekay's contributions extend far beyond melodies.

So, let's steer clear of the clichés and embrace a musical journey that's nothing short of extraordinary. Peekay's "Starlight" isn't just an album; it's an invitation to break free from the ordinary, celebrate individuality, and groove to the beat of your own tune. With August 11th marked on the calendar, prepare to embark on a sonic adventure that promises to be a refreshing departure from the usual tunes you've heard.

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