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Solve lifes mysteries with Joy in Vinayak Chopra's Debut Track "Shaayad"

Smile along with Vinayak Chopra the Jolly 19 year old composer, producer and songwriter out of Delhi who started off as a percussionist who loves involving rhythmic patterns in unconventional ways. He started with the tabla when he was 12 years old and was always the rhythm guy wherever he went. With some great ideas he could create some good melodies and was eventually introduced to music production when he was 16 and has never looked back. He also picked up the Guitar which became his favourite instrument and hes used it in his first release "Shaayad".

Shaayad" is his first track which is is extremely close to his heart. It is a song that came out of a thought that more or less everyone has encountered at some point in their life, "What now? Where to next? What is it that I'm aiming for?". He has tried to answer these questions in his own style. The song has a rather snappy and vibrant feel to it despite the depth of the concept, has a diverse range of small, minimal sounds that complement each other to make a jolly track. Vinayak has collaborated with Shekhar Yadav who is a seasoned vocalist who has been trained in Hindustani Classical music.

Being exceptional in his art form, Shekhar has explored various genres, while holding on to his roots, and is a truly versatile singer. He has performed in reality shows such as Sa Re GA Ma Pa and Rising SuperStar and has won several district level competitions. He was given the title of 'Voice of Bareilly' and is also a performing artist in Doordarshan as a guitarist. So finding a song for this song was a real task. Vinayak had changed 8 singers and it took him 7 months to finally find the right voice. After the failed attempts finding Shekhar was like finding the missing piece of the puzzle. This was the first of many of Vinayaks releases. He aspires to create music that keeps people jolly and we love his energy and definitely his music.

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