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Vinayvvs’ latest mixtape ‘Way2Lit’ : A 25 minute journey into his life and mind

An 18-year-old artist from Mumbai, Vinayvvs is a hip-hop artist who likes to be carried by his ambitions. After discovering hip-hop when he was 13, his life took a dramatic turn. A year later, he started producing beats as a hobby after being heavily inspired by Travis Scott and MIKE DEAN’S creative duo. In just a span of one year, he turned this hobby into a career aspiration when he turned 15.

When asked to talk about his influences as an artist, Vinayvvs said “My own life. Within the songs themselves, there’s a lot of juxtaposition. The songs sway between hedonism and seeking true love, That’s exactly what I’m going through.” The confusion between choosing the hedonistic way of life and seeking true love inspired him as an artist. Through recording his music like DIVINE, the musician carved his niche with the use of auto-tune, psychedelic instrumentals, ear candy flows and charismatic cadences.

‘Way2Lit,’ Vinayvvs’ third mixtape is a mix of trap, cloud rap, and hip-hop. “I wanted to end the year by giving my listeners a mixtape to get the hype (and sad) to during the holidays,” he said while talking about what inspired the album. With every song having contrasting elements within themselves, the songs in ‘Way2Lit’ explore life in all its forms.

The album is colored with the artist’s catchy high-pitched vocals, playful AdLibs, psychedelic instrumentals, hypnotizing intros and outros with memorable choruses and verses. It focuses more on the experience rather than the lyrics. The artist took about 4 months to make the mixtape. Fully recorded in London, the album came to life with the help of his producer Hazedwood and sound engineer Rick Tron.

We are very eager to see Vinayvvs continuing to push the existing boundaries of music with more such albums and singles.

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