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Vision | Artist spotlight

Deval Singh Thakur Aka Vision when on stage, is a New Delhi born Hiphop Artist who is currently living in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. He raps and sings in Hindi and writes about social issues like farm suicide since back when he was in school. He started writing when he was 14 and tried to product his own music but had to wait until he got equipment so he just focused on writing. It was "Gangster's Paradise" by Coolio that first drew him towards Rap and the birth of Vision.

In 2019 Vision got himself a mic and started putting his written lyrics into a record and made a debut with "Aa Milen" and shortly after which he released his second original track called "Khat". He made a cover rap in 2015 titlled which was a cover performed on Hopsin's "Ill mind of Hopsin 5" but doesnt regard that as it wasn't his original as he believes there will be many opportunities to platform his original music in the Indian and International scene.

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