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Warrior Goddess Panthoibi Embodied by Folk Metal band The Serpents of Pakhangba

With a multitude of influences and inspirations, the Serpents of Pakhangba is all set to rule over the Folk Metal. Serpents Of Pakhangba is a folk metal band that was originally formed after the members were moved to create freely following a long, impassioned improvisation jam session during a friendly party at a friend's house in Thane West, mirroring the group’s positive state of mind. In early 2018 after several lineup changes, Serpents Of Pakhangba released their first single tracks EP on Bandcamp in 2019.

When asked where it all began, Vishal says, "There I was, just 5 years old when it all began. I was visiting my maternal grandmother's house with my parents and I started to pick up on the sounds of music coming from various corners of her in-home studio where she taught piano, vocal lessons, violin, etc., while my uncle switched records in the living room. Amidst all these different sounds colliding into one magical spot was where I discovered where my passion for music truly lay."

The recently released song on the Goddess of War has become a new favorite among the genre audiences. Here's a brief history and detail about the song.

"Panthoibi", meaning "a warrior goddess" in Manipuri, is the legendary Manipuri/Meitei Goddess of War whose name means "one who protects her own". Panthoibi embodies strength, braveness and courage which all the more justifies why she is a protector of her people. In this day and age, where women are still seen as “weaker” than men, Panthoibi holds a special place in every woman's heart. This song's lyrics are an ancient Manipuri hymn dedicated to a war goddess who resides inside every woman - one who stands up for what they believe in and protects the ones they love.

Panthoibi is the Goddess of power, war, combat, courage, peace, romance and prosperity in Sanamahism (Meitei religion) as well as in Meitei mythology. In ancient Meitei religion, Goddess Panthoibi is given one hundred and fifteen divine names, describing her varying attributes.

Hoping they rule the charts for as long as I can remember.

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