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Wes Chamberlain takes us on a ride of introspection in his latest EP ''Power & Conflict"

“I lost myself to music at a very early age, and I remained there” is a quote Wes Chamberlian took to his heart and now is a budding Musician. Wes grew up in the countryside of Devon, appreciating the beauty of nature and the wonderful world around him. Always being fascinated by superpowers and pondering upon the odds of time travel along with the theories of parallel universes, he likes to immerse himself in the world of comics where impossibilities of the world are more certain. He started playing classical guitar at a very tender age of 7. Growing up listening to the sound 0f the 60s and 80s rock, he then became obsessed with playing the electric guitar. ''I guess I became a musician when I started to put more and more of my time into it and it eventually became my main focus especially as I’m now studying it full time at college'' he says.

Wes writes, records, and performs all the songs along with his band 'The Engineer'. The band currently consists of his brother Mike who plays drums, his best friends from secondary school, Ali and Tom who play synth and guitar. Music is a portal that leads him to another dimension, a getaway to a passionate and intimate experience that only those who have entered can comprehend. In his recent Ep called Power & Conflict. Wes brings forth a melodious rendition of 6 songs perfectly encapsulating the inner and external conflicts that the masses deal with in their day-to-day lives. When asked about the Ep Wes tells us "It’s an ode to my friends and family who have dealt with these things. It’s not an age, gender, race, lifestyle-specific address, it applies to everyone. Everyone will have struggles and difficulties"

Taking influences from Indie rock, especially 'The Smiths' and his deep love for the good old sine wave, he wrote each song with an emotion in mind which he later rendered through his guitar. Talking about the genre Wes tells us " I really couldn’t tell you to be honest. When the songs are in fruition they change from ballads to rock to whatever really, I put it as Alternative but maybe it’s rockier maybe it’s more poppy but who am I to judge". The EP took him around 2 months to finish with various breaks from schoolwork and delivery delay of instruments.


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