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'With You' takes you on a melancholic trip through Aakash Sansare's mind

Ahmednagar-based Lo-Fi artist Aakash Sansare has traveled around Maharashtra during his childhood. Growing up, he used to listen to a lot of metal and soon discovered his love for Lo-Fi music. He is a Biotech engineer and is currently pursuing his MBA. He balances his life as a musician and a Sales Executive by working at ABinBev during the day and creating music at night. His routine starts with him brushing his teeth to the music on his headphones. After a cup of coffee, he heads to work and when he gets back home, he dedicates his time to music. Aakash started making music with a will to comfort people who listen to his tracks.

Aakash released his latest track 'With you' on the 21st of August 2021. The track was made with the intention to enjoy the beautiful rains during the monsoon season. 'With you' begins with a melancholic dialog from the Stephen Chbosky movie 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower" succeeded by eloquently pacifying instrumentals. The intro is followed up with eloquently pacifying instrumentals with backing soothing guitar strums through the track. With you is inspired by the style of many artists such as Kayou, Misery, and Joji.

The cover art was created by his younger brother Aadesh Sansare. The track and the art complement each other creating an element of puzzling trinity that personifies the artists intent for creating the piece. Aakash composed and recorded this track in one month and he wanted to deliver a peaceful and comforting vibe to his listeners and that's exactly what he achieved with his song. All of his music is recorded in his bedroom studio and he prefers that as he mainly composes at night. This release is just him warming up as he is already working on a new EP which he will be releasing later this year.

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