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Yashwardhan: The artist who experiments with music

Hailing from the beautiful valley of Dehradun, Yashwardhan a budding hip hop artist is all set to create music for his ‘Desi Indian audience’ but with a flavour of NYC. He has been a religious Stan since his inception and that brings him to a significant thought, “Songwriting is all about making sense while being relatable to people and their emotions”

So far Yashwardhan has released 7 tracks on all digital and social media platforms, (Greatest, Beast, Audemars, Do-Tin Din, Seher Ko, Street Fight and 3:30 AM) with a striking growth rate of 600% in their monthly listeners on Spotify. However, up next is an EP followed by an album on which he is working on since a few years now. Experimenting with music gives him an adrenaline rush, and he always chooses to fight over flight. A similar flavour is expected up next in his song, Baatcheet.

Not only has he gained popularity amongst his listeners but has also got featured in multiple playlists and reputed e-magazines like Rolling Stone for his exceptional work and experimentation with beats, song-writing and music.

On a larger front, the vision that Yashwardhan carries is to support other artists in their preliminary stage of evolution. He envisions to setup an ‘edu-studio’ for those who wish to tread the path but lack guidance or are financially weak. He firmly believes in developing more artists organically to build the music community not just to create good music but to also appreciate other artists who deserve to be heard, and unfortunately, get missed out on the attempts of reaching a larger cohort.

With his increasing passion to make the Indian audience listen to what Hip Hop music is emerging as, across the globe. The aim is to transition and recreate the best of both worlds. That amalgamation is what he believes, will bring in an edge for his art. Everything through the experimentation happening on

the bars.

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