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Yong Meow Takes You on a Musical Adventure with Genre-Bending Album 'EROS'

Arif Ahmed, better known by his artist name Yong Meow, is a solo artist from Shillong, India. His latest release, EROS, was launched on 22nd April 2023, and features nine genre-bending tracks that combine hip hop, RnB, Indian classical, jazz, and classical music. The album also features collaborations with Ayybe, Sidhant Deb, and Skye Williams, each adding their own unique flavor to the tracks they appear on.

Yong Meow's musical journey began at a young age when he developed a love for Bollywood music, but it wasn't until his brother introduced him to rock music that he became enamored with the genre. Some of Yong Meow's biggest musical influences include John Mayer, Blink 182, Jimi Hendrix, and Bollywood music. He began his musical journey playing the bass before transitioning to the guitar and eventually getting into music production.

As he delved deeper into music production, Yong Meow discovered a passion for experimenting with different sounds and styles, which led to the creation of his original and unique sound. EROS is a reflection of this, featuring a diverse range of sounds and top-notch collaborations that make it a must-listening for anyone looking for a fresh and exciting take on contemporary music.

EROS started out as a form of self-expression and letting go of some guilt for Yong Meow. It wasn't initially intended to be an album, but as he continued to work on the tracks, it took on a life of its own. The album artwork was created by Blackcats Shillong. Yong Meow's musical career started in 2020, and he has since created a unique sound that blends alternative and contemporary RnB. His favorite instrument is the guitar, and some of his career highlights include collaborating with Meba Ofilia, Kayan, and Zayn.

Yong Meow's story is adventurous, as he continues to experiment with different sounds and push the boundaries of musical genres. His favorite quote is, "Music is the universal language of mankind," and he recorded EROS in his hometown of Shillong using his own production methods.

As a solo artist, Yong Meow has performed live at various venues and events, showcasing his unique sound and musical style. He is open to collaborating with both Indian and foreign artists and is constantly seeking new opportunities to expand his musical horizons.

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