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A song about love 'I Wish ( Behind the tree)' by Amay depicts 3 phases in his life

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Amay Lakhmani, preferring to go by his stage moniker ‘AMAY’ is an Alt /Indie Rock

singer-songwriter and producer from Kolkata. With both parents being musicians, he started singing at a young age and spent most of his college years polishing his skills at the Point Blank Music School in London. He started learning the guitar at the age of 8 and has been part of many bands in the last few years before finally settling as a solo act. His likeness towards electronic music led him to quickly learn to mix genres, borrowing elements from Trap, Rock, Pop, and Dance music as well. Amay describes his sound as ‘caffeine driven pop-punk sound combined with an emo aesthetic’. His preference in music includes artists include The Beatles, John Mayer, and Lil Peep among more.

His latest track ‘i wish (Behind the Tree)’ dropped on 21st May 2021. He wrote this song back in university about a girl he loved, only to complete it earlier this year. “I wrote this song in 3 parts corresponding to 3 different periods of my relationship. Before. During. After. It just felt like me chronicling sections of my life into the same song and really brought me into my own with my songwriting” Amay said. He recorded the guitars with a home setup while the vocals were recorded in a studio in Kolkata. He got the artwork made by Sarah Sobti, who he met on Instagram.

Amay is also no stranger to the DJ console, been performing on stage since 2016. Talking about artists he would like to collaborate with he mentioned “There are so many inspiring acts coming up in the country. Seedhe Maut, When Chai Met Toast, and Siddhu Moosewala to name a few. It would be a dream to work with anyone from ‘Emo rap’ scene globally. Artists like Lil Lotus and nothing, nowhere”. Often described as ‘soft’, ‘confused’, and ‘lost’ by people around him, he is looking to carve a niche for himself with his music and emo-rap style.

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