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Arav Krishnan’s latest release ‘Stream’ about mental health issues

Born and based in Bengaluru, this young artist likes to constantly experiment with his music. Arav Krishnan, a 16-year-old old metal musician, producer, mixing, and mastering engineer defines his story so far as one that is ‘resilient.’ He released his first album nearly 2 years ago and is also the vocalist of Bangalore-based progressive metalcore outfit Skelos. Other than this, Krishnan is also the frontman and lead guitarist of his grunge/alt band Ebb+Flow.

Influenced by post-rock/post-metal bands like Distant Dream and If These Trees Could Talk including modern instrumental artists such as intervals and Plini, Krishnan does not like to repeat his creations. Some of the artist’s other influences include old-school thrash metal and melodic death metal. He writes music that experiments with a lot of subgenres of metal. With each new release, his music has something different to offer and explores different areas of the same genre. He has been featured in Rolling Stone India, Rock Street Journal, and Bangalore Mirror.

‘Stream,’ his latest post-rock original was released on the 10th of August. He wrote the song when he was going through some mental health issues a while ago. It was not until the time of lockdown that he revisited the track. The song was recorded at his house in his home studio and took two days to record the guitars, the bass tracks and to program the drums. It took another day or two for him to get the final mixing and mastering side of the song. The guitars were tracked through an interface and all tones are from digital amp sims. The drums, on the other hand were programmed using GetGoodDrums. The artwork was made by his friend at SMG, (Spectre Sound Studios) a popular metal production channel.

Arav’s vision is to expand his home studio and collaborate with artists like TDT, GATC, Kryptos, Marty Friedman, Alex Sconick, etc.

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