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B-Leaf is here to uplift your spirits with ‘Kya Badla’

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Venugopal Shah aka B-Leaf is a funk/pop artist based in Chicago. Born in Indore, he has also spent many years in Delhi before moving to Chicago. B-Leaf got into making music in early 2019 as a form of expression. “I wanted to tell my stories and observations of the world I see through music. B-Leaf is all about spreading love and stories while meeting like-minded musicians that are also travelers on this beautiful journey called life”. Primarily a singer, B-Leaf can also play the violin, guitar and piano, and also self produces most of his music.

His latest track ‘Kya Badla’ dropped on Feb 6, 2021, and also features Tanushree. A mix between Coldplay and African folk beats, this track has a unique sound and an uplifting feel about it. Kya Badla is a post-pandemic song that questions what has changed in the last year or so. “The pandemic has disrupted many lives and changed the way we look at the world, but it still wasn't able to break the human spirit and that is what this song celebrates”. The song is produced mainly using electronic sounds which are accompanied by electric and acoustic guitar. “The track has a lot of synths and chimes going on but also has acoustics and an electric guitar doodling throughout. There is extensive use of harmonies in the vocals to deliver a powerful yet synchronous latter half of the song” said B-Leaf talking about the track.

B-Leaf managed to complete the song in 2-3 months recording at a home studio in Chicago, while Tanushree recorded her part in Nagpur. His multi-cultural background is something he could use to his advantage in his music. His taste in music is also as diverse, ranging from Kishore Kumar to Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits.

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