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Get ready for heavy headbanging with Horizon's 'Too Late To Save'

Horizon is an alt-rock/metal band, formed in 2013. Based in Delhi, the band consists of three members. Adamya Bajaj (24) on drums, Aditya Bajaj (29) who contributes with the vocals and on guitar, and finally Bhagyesh Sharma (26) who is responsible for some fantastic solos. The band was initially formed by Aditya and Bhagyesh when they both were a part of their school music group. They were later joined by Adamya to complete the trio. Their latest single ‘Too Late To Save’ is a remastered release of their first single from their debut album Cradled To Sleep.

Too Late To Save dropped on 21st May 2021 across all platforms. The song starts off with some heavy guitar intros, which is also accompanied by catchy riffs and powerful drumming and is sure to make you headbang. With influences like Radiohead, Nirvana, and Foo Fighters, you can see easily where they get their style of playing from. Speaking to one of the band members about this track they said “It took us a really long time to record it. It all started back in 2018 in Aditya and Adamya's bedroom. We recorded the

vocals in a cupboard with Aditya taking a very heavy quilt over his head for better sound absorption during recording. Guitars & Bass were recorded via amp sims and the drums were programmed. When Bhagyesh joined in, everything was just set in place. The solo and fillers he added elevated the track beyond our imagination. His style of playing is very bold and in your face. That room was very special! It had something magical because all the crazy ideas we got were conceived in it”. The song was written based on a dream where a prince was trying to escape from his castle. “Too Late To Save is a really fun track but it was a pain in the ass to record. Let's just say that our need for better equipment got quite well exposed during the recording sessions” they added.

Horizon dropped their debut album back in June 2019, consisting of 10 tracks. Cradle to Sleep was the outcome of 7 years of writing and composing, some of which were also dedicated to creating a striking album cover. The latest remaster of Too Late To Save was mixed and mastered at Tiny Room Studio, Delhi. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to hear something new from them.

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